What to Believe?

I’ve been thinking a lot about belief. It seems to me that it is often our beliefs – about ourselves, about others, about the way we or they or life should be – that leave us feeling bad or confused. Or rather it is the way in which these beliefs and reality clash. Many times I’ve heard (and myself said or thought) ‘If only I was more/less….’ or ‘If only they could/would ….’ And it does feel in that moment that we could feel ok if only our beliefs about how it should all be would come to pass.

As human beings we all have to struggle with the human condition and define how we want to live. To do this we need to understand the obstacles and difficulties we encounter: to become aware and conscious of our position in the world. In this, context is crucial: we are moulded by the history and culture surrounding us. We create our lives out of what has been given to us and what we have managed to understand. Our lives are relatively brief, and it is up to each of us to make something meaningful out of the time we have. In order to do this, we need to become of aware of our beliefs: the ones that are holding us back, the ones we want to hold on to.

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