What matters the most?

I listened to an excellent talk by Jungian analyst James Hollis recently. He speaks so articulately, clearly and compassionately; it was a real pleasure to allow myself to be swept along by his ideas and images.What stayed with me the most out of his 50-or-so minute talk was a quote he attributed to John Lennon: 90% of life is showing up. This hinges of the concept of accountability to oneself: the ability to stand back and ask ‘What’s really going on here?’ ‘What’s running my life?’ We need to be able to sift through the archaic messages, the infantalising mechanisms and anxiety management systems we developed as once critical, and even life-saving, but which now stand in the way of allowing us to be ourselves as we are, and want to be, today. I believe we can all benefit from asking ourselves ‘What matters the most to me in my life right now?’

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