What is it we’re really craving?

When we find ourselves overcome by a need for chocolate or crisps or cake – the kind of need that it feels impossible to say no to – what’s really going on? It’s worth thinking about how our cravings often come not from physical needs, but from emotional needs. If we do have whatever it is that we crave, we might well feel better temporarily. However, what is really behind that craving won’t have been expressed, understood or dealt with. One way of looking at cravings is as a sign from within: an opportunity to pause for a moment and ask yourself what it is I really want? Maybe it’s about something that has upset me, or something that feels missing in my life at that very moment. It isn’t always easy to discern, particularly after possibly years of misinterpreting your cravings, but it’s always worth asking. And it allows for the possibility of fulfilling that need rather than staving it off with the distraction of food.

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