The Value of Sharing Our Distress

As someone who tries to be aware of and empathic about mental health issues, I was shocked to read a blog describing the appalling and humiliating treatment an agoraphobia sufferer received from her bank. She made it very clear that she couldn’t make it to her local branch, and that she suffers greatly from panic attacks and being house-bound, and the bank representative she spoke to laughed at her. I felt so angry that she had to endure that; as if there wasn’t enough for her to have to cope with! The only positive thing that came out of the experience was to read the replies from others who had read her blog. The understanding, compassion, righteous anger and good advice made me aware of the support that is out there. And reaching out, through her blog, I very much hope that individual receives and is comforted by how much her mistreatment has touched the lives of others, who, in turn, want to reach out to her.

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