The Importance of a Different and Inspiring Perspective

I’ve just been reading the inspiring blog of a young women who suffers from juvenile arithitis. Charlotte explains it like this: ‘Its a serious chronic auto-immune disease and attacks the internal organs and eyes aswell as the joints and there is no cure’. She is in and out of hospital, suffers from a great deal of pain and can’t do many of the things she wants to. And yet, as she herself explains so eloquently: ‘Over the last 2 years I have learnt so much and I don’t just mean about the classification of different medications or my way around several different hospitals. I mean about life and how happiness is found in the smallest of things. Not taking anything for granted and wanting to live in the moment. Most of all I’ve learnt that after all the bad days I can still pick myself up at the end and be happy with what I have.’ How humbling and inspiring it is to hear her story, for her to share her pain and triumph over it. The link to her blog is below as I think she should, and does, speak for herself. Thank you, Charlotte, for giving me a different and inspiring perspective on life today.
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