Take a Risk in Pursuit of Happiness

Research has demonstrated that although we may be pulled towards the safe and known, taking risks and trying something new can help us to appreciate life, and ourselves, in a deeper and more lasting way. It seems that sometimes, it’s worth seeking out an experience that is novel, complicated, uncertain, or even upsetting and the happiest people opt for both the new and the tried and tested; benefitting, at various times, from each.

It also appears that if we are feeling depressed or anxious we pay more attention to minute changes in facial expressions. Meanwhile, happy people tend to overlook such second-to-second alterations: a roll of the eyes, a look of annoyance, a sarcastic grin. It seems that the happiest people have a natural emotional protection against the intense gravitational pull of little details. So why not take the risk of allowing yourself to see things differently? Instead of looking for evidence to confirm your worst imaginings, look at the big picture – the pleasure in relationships rather than the pain. Try something new, and let yourself feel good about taking a risk, being brave.

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