Our Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes it’s hard to not get caught up in the pursuit of happiness. All those smiling faces on tv, all those self-help books promising us the key to that elusive state. Even counselling can seem like a gateway: ‘If only I can sort out what’s wrong with me, I’m sure to feel happy.’ But happiness, like all emotions, is by its very nature fleeting. The harder we try to capture it, the more impossible it seems to be to hold on to. I believe that it’s better to recognise the signs of unhappiness (maybe drinking or eating more, sleeping too much or too little). Accepting what we are feeling allows us the space to make choices, and perhaps try to take care of ourselves a bit better. By just being conscious of what is going on for us, how we truly feel in the moment, we honour our experience and move on, leaving room for what is coming next.

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