Isn’t Your Job Depressing…?

Sometimes I get asked if my job as a counsellor brings me down. ‘Isn’t it depressing listening to people talk about their problems all day long?’ And, in a more general way, we are often told, explicitly or implicitly, not to talk about our emotional ills. We’re encouraged by society to be positive, in control, happy – and if we’re not, at the very least, pretend to be! No, my job doesn’t depress me. I want to know about how people really feel; the bad and the good, not the sanitised version. If we can be who we really are we have a much better chance of getting to where we want to be. We need to stop shaming people about how they feel and trying instead to understand them, and ourselves: to shed light on topics that have been shrouded in darkness for centuries.

Speak up. Use your voice. Tell your story.

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