Holding onto the Hope and Help from Others

I watched two video blogs this week about young men suffering from severe depression who almost took their own lives. In both cases it was the intervention of someone else (a stranger, a friend) and their ability to offer acceptance and hope for the future that made them chose not die. One of the young men spoke about how he felt at the time: his feeling of being overwhelmed by a complete sense of failure, of shame; of ‘what we think we should be’ seeming so far removed from how he felt inside. It was through the acceptance and caring perseverance of his friend (who just kept on making sure he was around and available) that he came to realise that ‘it’s ok to be this way.’ For the other young man it was a stranger’s reassurance that ‘you’ll get through this, it’ll get better’ that made him reconsider. I was struck by what bravery they all demonstrated in the face of acute emotional turmoil.

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