Depression feels like Failure

Recently I was talking to someone suffering from depression and he told me, ‘I feel like a failure. Being depressed feels like I’ve failed life: my friends, my family and even myself.’ His words stayed with me and I’ve been thinking about how hard that makes it to seek help or be able to tell the important people in your life what you are going through. Our society puts such emphasis on being happy: it’s as if being happy is part of being a success. And, of course, being happy isn’t something any of us can sustain. But being depressed can take away any possibility of happiness – again, that sense of having failed oneself, of being incapable of allowing yourself even the simplest of pleasures.  I believe that people suffering depression need the opportunity to understand why, what’s gone wrong in life for them that they’ve ended up feeling that way? And in order to do that they need to be offered understanding, acceptance, support and care: all the things that they can’t provide for themselves at this time.

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