Dealing with depression

Talking to someone suffering from depression can be painful and frustrating. Unfortunately, none of us can inspire hope into another unless that person has the capacity, openness and belief necessary. So I often fall back on the five things that can help with depression (a friend named them as ‘the five little piggies of depression’, a catchy and iconoclastic way to describe and remember them). They are diet (eating healthily); exercise (just getting out of the house for a walk is good enough); meaningful activity (it could be work, or a crossword puzzle, as long as you allow yourself to value it); social interaction (talking to someone in a shop or on a helpline, if that’s all you can cope with); and sleep (getting enough and watching out for being able to do nothing but). It all sounds deceptively easy, but when you’re depressed it can feel impossible. So think about which of these is manageable; and use the help of family, friends, your GP or counsellor/therapist.

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