Monthly Archives: April 2016

Back to Basics: Exercise

So here I am, very aware that I promised myself I’d write a blog a week, starting off with the five basics to address in times of depression. And it’s been almost a month since I posted the last one! A very good parallel for what so often happens with our good intentions concerning exercise. We all know that we benefit both physically and emotionally from exercising and often are full of plans of action. We start off with high expectations of working towards running that half-marathon or going to the gym at least three times a week. And then the realities of life kick in…

Exercise can be hard work. Sometimes it hurts and we feel disappointed in ourselves for not being able to do it in the way we want to. Everyone else can look slimer, faster, like they’re having fun. And then there’s the rest of life to contend with too; the rainy days, too much work, the lure of the sofa.

In light of how hard it can be to take care of ourselves physically, what helps? Firstly, finding some type of physical exertion that you enjoy! If you actually want to do it, it will happen. Secondly, as always, being kind to ourselves. Revising those unrealistic expectations. Giving ourselves praise and encouragement. Finding others to join in with, to help motivate us and keep us going. Letting ourselves feel the benefits: in the moment, the pleasure of our bodies working well and the relaxation and relief of having to concentrate on only one thing, that exercise. Exercising can be a great way of making ourselves be mindful and taking us away of feelings of depression and anxiety.